American Moldovita

“Bringing Moldovita Church to Washington DC”


Moldovita Monastery’s Church – Romania, part of UNESCO heritage

American Moldovita

Architectural design of the future church in Washington DC

Moldovita Monastery

The  architectural plans of the future St Andrew Romanian Orthodox Church on the 3 acre property will imitate the style of the unique Church at the Moldovita Monastery.

The project was initiated in 2006 by a team of engineers and architects and has been reviewed and approved by the Episcopal Commission for Religious Art. Between 2009-2014 a Special Committee that dealt with all the building plans: architectural plans, resistance, mechanical (heat and water), electrical as well as site plan was established.

St Andrew Romanian Orthodox Church is projected to be about 4500 sq ft (3,200 sq ft of the church’s nave, 600 sq ft the Holy Altar and 700 sq ft the vestibule, pronaos). The  basement area will be about 2,800 sq ft. The Church will be 40 feet wide, 112 feet long and 64 feet tall. The building will comprise of an open porch, a lobby elevator access and stairs that lead up to the mezzanine for the choir. The church itself will consists of the nave with two aisles and an altar. In addition to the church’s offices, toilets, storage space and all utility units will be located in the basement.

In addition to the building itself, the site plan will include green spaces, access roads and 45 parking spaces. The plan will be finalized once we receive the approval from the Department of Permitting Services (DPS) of Montgomery County.

When it comes to the financial side of the project, we have started several campaigns and projects to raise funds exclusively for the 3rd phase of construction (final church). Those projects include:

1. Foundation “Moldovita Romanian Orthodox Church” funds. Through a letter of intent, the foundation has allocated the amount of $ 849,333 for the construction of the Church of St. Andrew the Apostle. The  availability of these funds is conditioned by the strict compliance of the architectural plans of the future church with the ones of Moldovita Monastery’s Church. For the letter of intent click here.

2.  “Becali” Fund. Since the days of Father George Calciu Dumitreasa, Mr. Gigi Becali promised  ​​a significant amount of money. He has already donated $ 300,000.00. The money was used  to pay part of the land and other related expenses. We thank Mr. Becali for his significant donation and pray that God will bless him and keep him close to our project.

3. The “Pine Trees” Project. This program was initiated in the early days of our church and consists of donating $ 100.00 towards a tree. The trees are planted around the property and surround the land. A full diagram of the donor families and remaining available trees can be found here.

4. The “Parcels Campaign”. This program consists in dividing the virtual space of the future church (floor plan) in symmetrical squares. The full diagram of donor families and squares can be found here.


Moldovita and Sucevita Monasteries, Romania


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100$ 250$ 500$
1000$ Other:
All donations are tax deductible.

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