Father Gheorghe Calciu Center

Father Gheorghe Calciu-Dumitreasa

 At the beginning of 2016 the construction of “Father Gheorghe Calciu Dumitreasa Center” were started  and by the beginning of 2017 the Occupancy Permit was granted by the Montgomery County Permitting Services. 

“Father George Calciu Dumitreasa” Center has a total area of ​​2,400 sq ft and will be composed of an entrance hall, a church (920 sq ft) formed in the central part (nave) and the Holy Altar, the room dedicated to Father Calciu (420 sqft ) as well as sanitary and janitorial groups. Father Calciu’s room is specially fitted with objects, pictures and documents that represent the life and spiritual legacy left by the him. After the construction of the final church, this temporary church will be entirely transformed into a center dedicated to  Father Calciu.

The total  estimated costs of this project, at the beginning of 2016, was  $ 650,000 which, by the end of the project went up to $ 850,000. A summary of the source of income/expenses is bellow:

Permits & Fees-  $ 210,000    SCHEDULE  
SWM,Landscape & Parking  –  $  250,000   Forest ,Fire, SC, Site
Modular Building Cost – $ 150,000  Building Layout   Deck Plans  Layout
Water Connection – $ 150,000  Extension On site   Access  Septic
Electrical Work &Site work/cleaning $ 90,000 Electric
TOTAL EXPENSES:  $ 850,000            
St Andrew Donations –  $ 200,000          “In Memoriam…” Campaign FLYER
Available to lend  (LTV 80%) – $ 260,000            MAFCU Bank  Loan
Permits  Expenses –  $ 170,000  
Private Loan – $ 87,000
Other funds/donations from festivals/events $ 133,000
TOTAL INCOME:  $ 850,000               



April 2017 – The Blessing of the new church building took place. Glory to God for all things! From now on our attention will be focused to the next phase of our church: the construction of the final church building.
November 1st, 2016
Dear beloved,
Thanks to your generosity and through the grace of God, working in mysterious way in the hearts of each of us, we could continue the work on the property.
Construction works were continued by:
a) Completion of the SWM Bio-retention Facility, a basin that collects rainwater. In the following days will be planted  trees / vegetation that will cover this collection basin.
b) Parking was also shaped by placing gravel base so that in the coming weeks to pour the first layer of asphalt.
c) The arrival of the building is expected to be later this week / early next week. Today it began preparing the ground platform / pits for cement pillars required to instal future church.
CREDIT LINE ($ 250,000) – last week we held a final meeting with the bankers from MAFCU. The site inspector from the bank  will visit the property and after his findings/recommendations, we will access the much needed credit line.Please continue to support your church  by voluntary donations. Your donations are vital in completing the project!
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September 10, 2016
Over the past two weeks, we have continued construction work, especially related to the connection of the property to public water. The connection work is completed at a rate of 70% and we envisage its completion by the end of next week.ROMANIAN FESTIVAL is planned for AUTUMN from September 30-October 2, 2016 and all forces are concentrated to prepare for this event. Please give us a helping hand in promoting the Festival, it is a very important source of income for the completion of Father Calciu Center.From a financial standpoint, this week we paid $ 51.000, half the amount due to Deneau Company in charge with water connection. The next due date for the remaining balance of $ 51,000 is October 10th, 2016 although the remaining balance into our accounts is only $ 35,000. Therefore, your donations are needed more than ever. Special thanks to those who joined our project during the last couple of weeks.We ask all of you who have the possibility to help  to do so! We know and acknowledge that without the work of God in the hearts of each of us, the rise of this church is not possible. May the Lord bless you!
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August 11, 2016
By the mercy of God, the concrete slab was poured earlier this week. Although this part of the project was very long and  very costly for our community ($ 60,000), we are glad that it has been completed! This concrete slab was necessary for this project and for any other future construction projects like “Moldovita at Washington DC”. Glory to God for all!
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July 15th 2016 – Unfortunately, since the last update of the construction project, the projected plans had been slowed down. Due to the complexity of the entrance bridge design, our hired contractor had to step down and we  needed a new contractor for the job. Finally we hired a different company which is supposed to start the work on August 1st. Due to this unexpected circumstance, our budget had to be raised with $ 50,000.
June 1st, 2016 – During the past two weeks, the silt fence for the project was installed and the majority of the trees were cut down. The temporary chapel which served the community for almost 5 years had to be demolished as well.  Financially, we made down payments to Green Future Constr. –  Site Work ( $20,000) and to the “Vanguard” Modular Company ($ 35,000) Next week we expect to have the preconstruction meetings with all the inspectors involved in building the bridge type concrete apron at the entrance into the property. The meeting will allow us to build the concrete slab and to enter the property with bigger and heavier trucks to remove all the debires.


10$ 25$ 50$
100$ 250$ 500$
1000$ Other:
All donations are tax deductible.

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