Father CalciuDear friends,We are Saint Andrew Romanian Orthodox Church, a community in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area that wants to express its orthodox christian spirituality and ethos in a unique way. The founding idea of our community is to build an authentic Romanian Church here in Potomac, MD.

The spiritual leader and founder of our project was Father Gheorghe Calciu Dumitreasa. Father Calciu was an inspirational man due to his fierce opposition to the Communist Regime in Romania (1948-1989), guilty of loving his country and standing up for his faith, freedom of speech and basic human rights.  After being imprisoned in many Communist prisons for 21 years, he was given asylum by the United States government and was brought to the USA. We, the people of Saint Andrew, had the privilege of knowing him and having him as our spiritual leader in the United States for over 17 years (1989-2006).

The project of building an authentic Romanian Orthodox Church here in Potomac, MD continued with more intensity after the completion of “Father Gheorghe Calciu Center” at the beginning of 2017. Now, our team of architects and engineers are working for the completion of the architectural plans by the end of 2017.

Please join our project by your  spiritual and financial support. Any donation given to the church will be a much needed step towards the realization of this  blessed project! Our suggested donation is a pledge of at least $ 100 per person/$ 200 per family. Such donations coming from approximately 100 persons will help us to cover all the expenses related to the church property and functionality.

Thank you and may God bless you!



10$ 25$ 50$
100$ 250$ 500$
1000$ Other:
All donations are tax deductible.

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7 Words - The Story of a Conquerer
Father Gheorghe Calciu

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